CNF Marketing

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, CNF Marketing encapsulates everything that is good about this city. With its diverse population of friendly and neighbourly people, Winnipeg is a city filled with life and energy! Our city is known for its unique weather conditions, which gives us up to 6 months of snow with temperatures getting as low as -40℃ and at least 3 months of summer heat. Whether it is really cold, really hot, or somewhere in between, Winnipeg experiences on average 318 days of sunshine. We here at CNF Marketing bring that sunny disposition and positive attitude found within our city to work every day and share it with our customers.

CNF Marketing was created in 2006 by husband and wife duo Cory and Nella Frank. Originating in their basement, in just a couple of years CNF Marketing had grown enough that the duo had to relocate to a bigger house with a bigger basement to accommodate their ever-growing demand. After a third year of a lucrative business, Cory and Nella decided to move their wares once again to a larger location, housing CNF in a 15,000-square-foot building.

Starting with just the two of them, the company quickly grew to include 12 employees. Due to their exceptionally fast growth within their first 5 years, in 2011 Profit Magazine featured the company on their “Hot 50 – Canada’s Top New Growth Companies” list, with CNF Marketing taking the #36 spot. It was an exceptional milestone to have CNF Marketing featured in a national business magazine.

After 18 years of growth and success, CNF Marketing continues to be a leading expert in E-Commerce and customer success.

We know that in order to have a good business, you need to start with good people. That is why our team of friendly and fun employees work hard to ensure all areas of the business are well-maintained. Our staff provides the bulk of our expertise with minimal reliance on outside consultants. Our team of trained experts gets the chance to work with people from all over the globe, using their expertise of the brands we work with to assist customers with any questions they may have.

CNF Marketing