Our Services

E-Commerce Website Development & Management

Turnkey website creation and hosting

  • Create a fully operational website and provide the use of our servers to make this website accessible via the Internet

Integrated real-time payment processing

  • Authorizes credit card, PayPal, and Apple Pay transactions in multiple currencies.

Product listing development

  • Develop SKUs
  • Product names
  • Category names
  • Product descriptions
  • Identify features and keywords
  • Integrate product listings into websites and back office systems

Full-Service Fulfillment

  • Product warehousing
    • Store products in a well-maintained environment
  • Product tagging and packaging
    • Accurately and neatly tag each product
  • Order pick, pack, and ship
    • Once an order has been placed we will efficiently pick and pack the product then quickly have it shipped.
  • Returns processing
    • Meticulously process all returned products and ensure that the customer receives either a refund or a replacement
  • Electronic Inventory management
    • Our electronic inventory makes keeping track of products easy and accurate
  • Discounted shipping rates
    • Heavily discounted shipping rates due to strong relations with the courier company, making products more accessible worldwide
  • Automated notifications
    • Notifications are automatically sent to customers to keep them up-to-date on their orders

Full-Service Online Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Maximize the number of visitors by ensuring the site appears high on the list of results returned
  • Search Engine Marketing
    • Gain website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines
  • Pay-Per-Click advertising
    • Advertise within the sponsored listings of a search engine by paying each time the ad is clicked
  • Remarketing advertising
    • Advertise to customers who have already visited the site
  • Display advertising
    • Deliver advertisements and brand messages to site visitors
  • Email campaign advertising
    • Advertise specific products and discounts through the use of email subscription lists
  • Blog article
    • Create quality content relevant to the website and products
  • Social media management
    • Website-tailored content regularly posted on all social media outlets
  • Product exposure on outside sites
    • Advertise or sell products on other shopping websites such as Ebay, Amazon, Google shopping, and product comparison sites

Dedicated Call Centre Customer Care Team

  • Locally staffed product experts
    • Our staff is trained to know the details and qualities of each and every product, and are ready to answer any questions or resolve any concerns
  • Worldwide support via phone, email, and online chat.
    • Customers can contact our product experts for advice or to ask questions by calling in, sending an email, or chatting with them live online
  • Order management
    • Place phone orders
    • Make change requests to orders
    • In-depth fraud detection
    • Drop-ship processing
    • Proper customs documents
    • Supplier management
    • Logistics management